KIAGEN Extraction Kits

KIAGEN Extraction Kits




DNA & RNA preparation

Versatile Tools for Nucleic Acid Purification



Purification or isolation of nucleic acids is


 the first step in most

 molecular biologystudies and all recombinant DNA Techniques.


As a plethora of methods exists for extraction and purification of nucleic acid, researchers usually choose the technique most suited to their:

Target nucleic acid (ssDNA, dsDNA, total RNA, mRNA, etc).


Extraction methods

The extraction of nucleic acids from biological material requires cell lysis, inactivation of cellular nucleases, and separation of the desired nucleic acid from cellular debris. Often, the ideal lysis procedure is a compromise. It must be rigorous enough to fragment the complex starting (e.g., blood, tissue), yet gentle enough to preserve the target nucleic acid. common lysis procedures include: 


§  Mechanical disruption (for example, grinding, hypotonic lysis).

§  Chemical treatment (for example, detergent lysis, chootropic agents, thiol reduction).

§  Enzymatic digestion (for example, proteases).

Cell membrane disruption and inactivation of intracellular nucleases may be combined. For instance, a single solution may contain detergents to solubilize cell membranes and strong chaotropic salts to inactivate intracellular enzymes After cell lysis and nuclease inactivation, cellular debris may easily be removed by filtration or precipitation.

Purification methods

Methods for purifying nucleic acids from cell extracts are often combinations of extraction/precipitation, centrifugation, filteration, and affinity separation.


Product overview

Detailed Product Characteristics

Purification method Product

Starting material and quantity


Time required

Silica Adsorption

KiaSpin PCR Template Preparation Kit

blood, 200 - 300 pl

cultured cells, 10' - 10'

mouse tail, 25 - 50 mg

yeast, 10" cells

bacteria, 10° cells


20 min

20 min

200 min, incl. lysis,

50 min, incl. lyticase digest

35 min, incl. lysozyme digest


KiaSpin PCR Product Purification Kit

PCR, modifying, labeling, restriction digestion reaction, agarose gel slices

80% recovery of fragments (0.2-9.5 kb)

10 min

KiaSpin Plasmid Isolation Kit

E. coli XL 1 blue, pUC 19 (2 ml) E. coli HB 101, pUC 19 (2 ml) E. col i DH5u, pUC 19 (2 ml)

12 pg

6 jig

3.5 pg

30 min

30 min

30 min

KiaSpin viral Nucleic Acid Kit

serum, plasma, urine, supernatant from cell culture, 200 - 600 MI

product detectable by PCR or RT-PCR

20 min

KiaSpin Agorose Gel Extraction Kit

agarose gel slices, 100-200 mg

> 80% recovery of 5 - 25,ug DNA

60 min