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Gel Documentation (Full-set)

Dual wave length UV-Transilliuminator band pass filter 20x20 cm filter

Variable imaging filters x 1/ UV-Sensor

Digital canon camera, 10-15 Mpixel

Iron made Imaging cabinet ( white light epi-illumination optional)/

Live view 9" monitor Thidium bromide


Gel Documentan System for image acquisition saturation monitoring of live image viewable on LCD Screen and Monitor.

Gel-DigiDoc uses the latest 10 -14 megapixel Canon fine pix digital cameras to provide a gel documentation system, which is very high resolution, flexible and excellent value for money. An integrated LCD monitor and a true photo quality inkjet hp photosmart printer gives superb gel prints and documents A5. Gel image files can be quickly transferred to a computer by USB cable or compact Flash card for analysis or printing.

Gel-DigiDoc inclcude:

  • Digital Canon Camera
  • Imaging Cabinet (white light epi-illumination optional).
  • Ethidium Bromide Band pass Filter-590nm CWL (52 mm)
  • Image Documentation Software for manipulation, annotation and simple analysis
  • HP photosmart inkjet or thermal printer
  • To enhance the versatility of your Gel-DigiDoc, KIAGEN offers a number of accessories: White Light Epi-illumination Imaging Cabinet.

Features of Gel Cam:

  • Fits on any transilluminator
  • Reduced head to protect your sample.
  • Maximum field of view: 20 x 20 cm.

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