Fluorescent PCR detector

Fluorescent PCR detector


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Fluorescent PCR detector «Gene-4»

Specialized fluorescence detector «Gene-4» is intended to record the results of PCR using reagent kits based on fluorescence detection.

Features of the device

  • To register PCR results without electrophoresis (without opening the tube) makes it possible to solve the problem of contamination of PCR products and to reduce demands on the organization of PCR-based laboratories;
  • To significantly reduce both labor-consuming and detection time;
  • Effectiveness of the work allows the large flows of routine laboratory studies;
  • To organize effective documentation and storage of PCR results;
  • Replacement rotors for tubes at 0.5 and 0.2 ml;
  • Small size.

The device is aimed at the use of probes and / or primers, tracer fluorescent label and fluorescence dissipation.




Detection channels


Wavelengths of excitation / emission, nm

532 / 570 532 / 570
632 / 675 632 / 675

Time detection of one block (12 tubes), with

no more than 30 sec

Interface type


Supply voltage, V

5 V (via USB)

Dimensions LxWxH mm

240 × 200 × 110

Weight unit kg

1.4 (with the rotor)

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