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Multichannel Thermocycler «Thercyc»

Four cannel DNA-Thermocycler «Thercyc» is designed to perform polymerase chain reaction in0.5 ml amplification tubes. The device is a single module comprising 4 independently controlled thermal units.

Features multi thermocycler «Thercyc»

  • Each thermal unit accommodate10 tubes with reaction mixture from 10 to 59 mkl;
  • 3 method of regulating the temperature of reaction mixture :
    • passive (temperature unit);
    • two active method (mathematical model):
      • fast;
      • accurate;
  • graphic LCD display allows you to create programs and monitor the process without using a PC;
  • opportunity to work in conjunction with any compatible PC;
  • high homogeneity of temperature inside thermo block;
  • silent operation.

Improving the quality of the reaction due to improved conditions for annealing of primers, the persistence of the high activity of DNA polymerase and a decrease in the number of nonspecific amplification products.

Multichannel device allows you to:

  • simultaneously put several diagnosticums integrated with research;
  • multiple users to work independently;
  • accelerate the optimization of new reactions;
  • Handle up to 40 samples on a research program in mass.




Independent thermal unit


0.5 ml tubes per thermal unit


Routine volume of reaction mixture per tube


Temperature control scale

4-99 ° C

Maintenance of temperature accuracy

+ / - 0.3 ° C

Dynamic error of control

+ / - 0.3 ° C

Difference between units

0.2 ° C

Cycle performance time (92-1 sec, 72-1 sec) at 15 mkl,



to 28

Consumed power from 220v circuit

95 W

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm

240 × 210 × 80


4 Kg

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