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Detectors amplification DT- 96

DT-96 - an innovative technical solutions, flexibility in adjusting the parameters, reliability, simplicity of the interface.

DT-96 is the best choice for diagnostic laboratories that require high bandwidth in the performance of routine tests, as well as for academic institutions, where the important opportunity to optimize and fine adjustment.

DT-96 Features

  1. High throughput analysis in a 96–well format of either standard microplates, microtubes and strips.
  1. Multiplex detection with 4- or 5-channel detector and different fluorophore combinations.
  1. Long-life light sources, light emitting diodes (LED), with higher longevity (100,000 h) and stability compared to halogen lamps.
  1. High sensitivity and signal/noise ratio and low-level inter-channel interference (cross-talk) achieved by an original optical detection system consisted of a separate light source and CCD camera for each sensor channel.
  1. Wide dynamic range of detection supported by the use of the multiple exposure method for optimizing the conditions of signal registration at the fundamentally new level, and simplifying photometry adjustments.
  1. Analysis with the use of different types fluorophores due to equipping with optical systems of different spectral characteristics.*
  1. Thermal block is able to generate powerful thermal gradient giving additional capabilities for annealing temperature optimization.
  1. Autonomous performance and program resume features (after power or computer failure) due to build-in independent microcontroller and display.
  1. Simple operation and adjustment flexibility is guided by software adapted to users of different expertise levels. Compact and full-featured software regimens provide adequate conditions both for diagnostic and research applications.
  1. Ability to be used together with robotic sample preparation systems due to special body geometry and thermoblock with automatic drive.
  1. Designed to be used in frames of integrated laboratory systems owing to standard graphic and text formats for data storage and database coupling.
  1. Several instruments may be operated with one computer. Computer data analysis can be performed by user at the moment when another program is executed.
  1. The compact design and low space requirements allow several instruments to be easily grouped for output increase.
  1. The instrument is basically an open system and is not limited to specific reagents or placticware. At the same time, «DNA Technology» provides real-time PCR assays for most types of current applications.
  1. Customizable output reports

* In the basic configuration, DT-96 comes with 4 channels configured on the Hex, Fam, Cy5, Rox. The fifth channel can be installed at the customer's request




Thermal block format (sample capacity)

96 x 0.2 ml tubes (12 х 8)

Tube type

0,2 ml PCR tubes (separate, 8-striped) or 12 х 8 microplate

Temperature range


Temperature setting accuracy


Temperature control accuracy


Heating rate

2.5°С / sec

Cooling rate

1.5°С / sec

Active heating-cooling device

Peltier element

Light source



CCD camera

Number of channels

4 (5-th optional)

Excitation/emittance wavelength

470/520, 530/570 *, 590/630 *, 630/670 *

Dimensions (LхWхH)

210х540х540 mm


27 kg

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